Nicholas Gervin

      I am a documentary and fine art photographer from Portland, Maine. I first picked up a camera in 1992, at the age of twelve, when I began to explore my urban surroundings and document the graffiti art scene with disposable cameras. I have battled alcoholism as well as several head traumas in my lifetime. I am currently eight years sober and dealing with Post-Concussion Syndrome on a daily basis. Photography has been very therapeutic for me in my ongoing recovery process. I have had work published in local and international magazines such as Popular Photography Magazine, Life Force Magazine, Portland Press Herald, Bangor Daily News, Portland Phoenix, The Forecaster, Dig Portland, Dispatch Magazine, as well as being reviewed by The Huffington Post. 
      On April 20th, 2015, I self published my first zine titled BrickWork, a perfect bound, hand made, limited edition zine (50 copies), featuring one year’s black and white photography documentation of Portland, Maine’s grittier side. The publication was sold internationally, to such places as: France, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Turkey, Japan and the United States.  
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