Machigonne Nº.3


Machigonne Nº.3

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About the Zine (the Identity Edition)

From Portland, Maine based documentary photographer Nicholas Gervin comes a new zine series titled, Machigonne. Each magazine issue will feature photographic works made by Nick over the years in Portland and will bring fresh new perspectives on Maine's largest city. The third issue showcases Portlanders in celebration and questions the intrinsic nature of human identity.

Author’s Notes:

What defines our identities? Is who we are behind closed doors and who we purport to be in public different? Do we mask ourselves to deceive or in order to belong? Do we define ourselves by who we love or how we love? Perhaps it's a broader picture that defines us by who we associate with? Religion, political party, where we were born or our occupation? Are we truly unique or do we have more in common than different?

  • Published by Nicholas Gervin

  • Publishing date October 5, 2018

  • First edition, 75 standard editions.

  • 25 special editions signed+ 5x7 print.

  • Photographs by Nicholas Gervin

  • Text / Edit by Michelle Ferris

  • Introduction by Nicholas Gervin

  • Size: 8.5x10

  • 40 pages, 100# gloss text

  • Soft cover, 100# cover stock, saddle stitch

  • Printed in Portland, Maine U.S.A.

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A quick page through of Machigonne Nº.3 by Nick Gervin.