Machigonne Nº.1

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Machigonne Nº.1

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Author's Note: 
At a glance, a city could be relatively compared to a living, breathing organism.  It has a pulse, a life cycle and one could say it roots itself deep into the earth, much like a tree.  Like roots, these complex and often overlooked subterranean systems sustain life at the surface.   Without these infrastructure networks, life as we know it would come to a halt.  These vital systems bring us our water, provide us with energy and lights, yet we hardly ever think of them unless they fail.  Only when our daily lives are interrupted are we even aware of their importance and connection to us as a whole and individuals. Here, within these pages, I present to you just a fraction of what lies beneath: the stormwater drains, sewer systems, utility tunnels and the former harbor defenses.  It is an abstract yet essential look into the underground worlds of our beloved city by the sea, Portland, Maine.

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  • -Published by Legacy Photo Collective 
  • -Pre-orders open March 20th, 2018
  • -Publishing date April 3rd, 2018
  • -First edition, 75 standard editions.
  • -25 special editions signed+ 5x7 print.
  • -Photographs by Nicholas Gervin 
  • -Text / Edit by Michelle Ferris 
  • -Introduction by Nicholas Gervin 
  • -Size: 8.5x10
  • -40 pages,  80# gloss text
  • -Soft cover, 80# cover stock, saddle stitch 
  • -Printed in Portland, Maine U.S.A.
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From documentary photographer Nicholas Gervin, comes a new series of zines titled "Machigonne" (the native word for Portland, Maine). Each issued zine will bring a new in-depth look at various aspects of Nick's home turf of Portland. The first edition (the underground edition) showcases what lies beneath the surface, from the storm drains and sewer systems all the way to the harbor defenses. Seven years of exploration have yielded some truly remarkable discoveries which have only been seen by a few, until now.