Machigonne Nº.2

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Machigonne Nº.2

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 About the Zine (the Neighborhood Edition)

From Portland, Maine based documentary photographer Nicholas Gervin comes a new zine series titled, Machigonne. Each magazine issue will feature photographic works made by Nick over the years in Portland and will bring fresh new perspectives on Maine's largest city. The second issue showcases Portland's rapidly changing neighborhoods, where he turns his camera on the city's fading character.

Author's Note:

There once was a time when inner city Americans seemed to interact with and value their neighbors more; when each neighborhood had its own vibe and everyone knew each other at the very least by name. In the days before the internet and well before social media, it used to be a necessity to reach out and build bonds with people who lived nearby. What is it about social media (a technology designed with the intention of bringing people closer together) that often does the exact opposite, disconnecting us from our immediate surroundings? Are the gentrification of our cities across the country and our dependences on social technologies a formula for the demise of the American neighborhood? Or maybe a new beginning, a change in our cultural behavior? Perhaps what’s really being lost as outsiders overrun a place like Portland’s peninsula is not just the city's character, but the very real web of relationships among the communities who were already there and are now displaced. Add this to the very real threat of global warming on the rise and only time will tell what our city's future holds. 

  • -Published by Legacy Photo Collective

  • -Pre-orders open May 22, 2018

  • -Publishing date June 5, 2018

  • -First edition, 75 standard editions.

  • -25 special editions signed+ 5x7 print.

  • -Photographs by Nicholas Gervin

  • -Text / Edit by Michelle Ferris

  • -Introduction by Nicholas Gervin

  • -Size: 8.5x10

  • -40 pages, 80# gloss text

  • -Soft cover, 80# cover stock, saddle stitch

  • -Printed in Portland, Maine U.S.A.

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A quick page through of Machigonne Nº.2 by Nicholas Gervin.